Nikon D7500 Review 2022: A Well-designed Model With Powerful Features

Nikon D7500 is an all-rounder digital camera, especially for photography enthusiasts or beginners. The Nikon D7500 model is a combination of high-quality attributes and affordable packaging. This model was announced publically by the Nikon Corporation in 2017 (April), and they started shipping this model on 2nd June 2017. This model is a successor to Nikon’s D7200 and fits appropriately as the DX format’s midrange DSLR model.

Nikon D7500 Review

The Nikon D7500 is the 4th camera model in Nikon’s series (D7X00). The first model under this series was released in September 2010, making this lineup of Nikon 8 years old. The first model was named D7000. This makes Nikon’s D7500 the most recent addition to one of Nikon’s oldest camera lines of digitals that target the same audience.

A lot has changed since the release of the original Nikon D7000, which is still holding up well by enthusiasts and modern standards. This model is quite a few generations behind the things like autofocus quality, video features, and sensor performance. After this, Nikon shifted their marketing goal, and the D7500 model focused more on wildlife photography and sports in recent times.

Verdict: Nikon D7500 Review

If you are searching for a DSLR that is rich in high-end features and wants it within a pocket-friendly range, you should go for the Nikon D7500.

It is a full-bodied or full-framed model but lacks a little bit on the build quality, and another drawback is that it contains only one SD memory card slot. Its point density autofocus is also not up to the mark.

If you have no problem with a crop sensor body and are keen on sports, wildlife, and action photography, then trust me, Nikon D7500 is your thing. It is a Nikon DX body that has the same processor and image sensor, but D7500 has even more improved features like the autofocusing system, which is perfect for fast-moving captures, and it covers most of the camera frame. However, if you prefer mirrorless cameras, Nikon has a mirrorless counterpart to the D7500 model, which is the Nikon Z50.

Pros and Cons: Should you buy the Nikon D7500?


  • Full-frame camera body yet light in weight
  • Built-in high-end features
  • Great for landscape and wildlife photography
  • Large screen for display
  • Pocket-friendly


  • One SD Card slot
  • Average point autofocusing
  • Average build quality
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Nikon D7500 Review: Design, Buttons, Features, & Operations?

Design: A Arrogant model

The D7500 has an ergonomic design as it is comfortable to use in any working environment. Ergonomics explains its use and not the specifications or image quality. If your camera design is annoying to use, slows your pace down, or gets in your way, then it can cause a hindrance to you, and these things can stop you from capturing the photograph that you have in your mind.

The D7500 has a crop sensor body designed for beginners, but it is the second-best Nikon’s DX crop sensor body. Unlike other crop sensor bodies, the Nikon D7500 gives you a solid and deep grip that gives it a professional and legitimate camera feel. This is one of the best compared to other crop sensor camera bodies, which feel like a children’s toy.

The Buttons On the Cameras

The D7500 model has the perfect button layouts, and there are many of them wisely used on the body space. This is a very important characteristic that makes it work. The buttons on the camera do not give you a sharp plasticky click like other brands, and the buttons have a feel-good factor.

Although it is an entry-level Nikon camera, the buttons, ISO button, command dials, and mode dial are exactly where they are on an expensive model. It has only one SD card slot, which might make you feel it is less professional as professional photographers usually prefer 2 SD memory card slots for video and photo backup.

Manual ISO & Auto ISO Operation: A noticeable feature Of Nikon D7500

If you are willing to switch between Manual ISO and Auto ISO, hold the button for ISO down and turn or rotate the sub-dial. It has a comfortable grip that will feel secure in your hand. It has a clear, rear tilting, large touch-sensitive screen.

Viewfinder: Basic but does its job perfectly

Like a camera in the DSLR segment, it has a bright and large optical viewfinder. It has a 0.94 times magnification and covers almost a hundred percent of the full camera frame. It is easier to compose and direct scenes as you can see everything large and clear through the screen. The rear screen (touch-sensitive) is 3.2″ large and can tilt upwards and downwards to help with difficult camera positions while shooting on a tripod or handheld.

Resolution: Is It up to the mark?

Nikon’s D7500 has a camera resolution of 20.9 megapixels, but that is less than two of the lineup’s predecessors (D7200 and D7100). 20.9 megapixels is enough for the detailed orientations and landscape photography. The D7500 has the largest buffer, highest autofocus options, and the fastest frame rate of all the existing models in the D7X00 lineup.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question about Nikon D7500

What are the Key functionalities of the Nikon D7500?

It has a high burst speed for stills (8FPS) and can record videos of thirty frames per sec at 4K UHD. It also has a rear touch-sensitive screen that is very easy and fast to use. Moreover, It can shoot still photographs in full resolution at 8fps and a speed of a hundred JPEG images or fifty RAW in one burst of high speed.

What is the performance of the D7500?

This model has the ability to capture astrophotography, and it is quite excellent for a camera with a DX body. The D7500 has an impressive capability of ISO handling (high image noise of ISO is well handled) and low light capturing. It also has an improved ability of detailed photo capture even in a time-lapse mode in 4K UHD.

Bottom Line: Nikon D7500 Review

Overall, the Nikon D7500 is a well-put-together combination of a crop sensor body and sturdy or strong body construction. This model is appropriate for those willing to take their photography skill a little higher, and mainly beginners, but do not want to invest in a full-body camera where accessories and lenses are very expensive.

Do not keep yourself from exploring your photographic talents, and get going.

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