Canon EOS 200D Review 2022: Solid DSLR AT An Attractive Price

The Canon EOS 200D DSLR is an affordable product for people transitioning from their smartphones. A small and lightweight DSLR comes with three size dimensions of 8mm. Canon EOS 200D is not much more compact product than its predecessor, i.e., Canon EOS 800D. But on the other hand, the DSLR comes with an articulated touch screen, comfortable to hold. It is a fantastic feature in the DSLR, which is not easy to forget. Moreover, the diminutive proposition of the DSLR makes it popular among the people.

Canon EOS 200D

Its look and ease have tempted them to handle it. The people are looking for other options than the CSC cameras to prefer the Canon EOS 1500D. The DSLR comes with a bigger lens as compared with the CSC lens. 

Pros & Cons of Canon EOS 200D


  • It is the world’s most giant DSLR with a vari-angle screen. 
  • It has an innovative layout of the buttons and dials. 
  • Beginners get the guide user interface to use the DSLR.
  • It is easy and convenient to control the settings.  
  • Live view is available in it with the fast focusing performance. 


  • The top plate has the scroll dial in the DSLR. 
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Canon EOS 200 D is the world’s lightest DSLR with a vari-angle screen. It is placed in the entry-level slots of EOS 1300D, EOS760D, and EOS800D models. It is the first type of DSLR, which helps people know and enhance their photography skills with time. 

The people want to develop their photography skills to get the Canon EOS 200D camera. It is beyond the expectations of compact cameras and smartphones to do photography. So the manufacturer followed the design and features of 100D DSLR for designing the 200D DSLR for the customers. 

200D is becoming popular among people for its compact design, making it easy to carry it anywhere. Moreover, the Canon DSLR contains an impressive set of features at a pocket-friendly price. It includes the DSLR range, dual pixel CMOS AF technology, WiFi, and a vary angle screen. 

Design & Build

Canon followed some designing of the 100D DSLR to make the 200D. On the other hand, there are many differences, which you can find in these two DSLR cameras. Furthermore, the notable difference includes the handgrip and the material used in making the DSLR. 

The company made changes in using the material quality for the 200D DSLR. The rubberized texture of the 200D DSLR makes it smooth to handle and carry. I started using the two DSLR cameras. I found that 100D is better to take and use for photography than 200D. 

Design & Looks

It is on the handgrip experience to do the photography while using the 100D DSLR camera. Canon produces a stylish range of cameras. Polycarbonate fiberglass is vital to face the occasional burp in daily use. I touched the 200D DSLR and felt its difference compared to the other canon DSLR. It is a small camera with slightly big dimensions on it. 

Still, people with large hands may find it difficult to grip while holding the camera. You are a person with middle hands; then, things are convenient for you to have the camera while clicking the pictures. You can use your little finger to hold the camera for the photography. 

Button & Controls: The Canon EOS 200D

We discuss the buttons and controls present in the Canon EOS 200D. The control system is similar to the 100D DSLR, making a few tweaks. It includes the live-view, playback, and exposure compensation buttons in the 200D. You will find all the controls in one place. You start using the DSLR then; the quick menu options are available in the small D-pad.

Canon EOS 200D Buttons & Controls

 There are exposure lock buttons. By using them, you can zoom up the pictures accordingly. The single-scroll plate is to adjust the settings of the aperture. You hold the AV button to make the aperture settings. Start the shooting from the camera using the manual mode. 

The top plate of the DSLR camera 200D contains the on/off switch, which is separate from the mode dial. Therefore, it will not be awkward for you to make the settings accordingly while using the camera. Pushing the switch beyond its on/off stages is the video mode. 

Many simplifications have been made in the control settings of the camera so that people can start using it comfortably. The first-time user does not find any difficulty using the 200D DSLR to click pictures. It can help them go beyond the cameras present in smartphones. You can switch off the screen while not using the camera to preserve its battery for a long time. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions FOR The Canon EOS 200D

Is it best to use Canon EOS 200D for vlogging?

The canon camera is well equipped and comes with high-quality features, including WiFi and NFC on board. Therefore, the DSLR camera is best to do vlogging. The vloggers can carry it conveniently, and it provides an impressive grip facility while using it for making the videos. However, people are interested in making great vlogs and tired of taking the bulky DSLR stuff. So the alternative of it is the Canon EOS 200D DSLR. 

How is Canon EOS 200D suitable to use for beginner photographers?

The interesting fact about the Canon EOS 200D is that it is a compact DSLR. It is designed for beginners only. Therefore, enthusiastic people can use the Canon EOS 200D camera to click the pictures. It is available with the mirrorless models in the market. The beginners are looking to go beyond using the camera of their mobile phones. They can start looking for the compact camera, i.e., the 200D DSLR. The buttons and controls are easy to manage and do the settings as per the convenience when required by the photographer. 

Is Canon camera is good to do the professional photography 

It provides the complete manual photography settings control to the user. Additionally, it is the essential thing that you can expect in any DSLR product. Furthermore, canon 200D comes with the Scene Intelligent Auto Mode option to select the creative filters. There are 11 scene modes available to do the high level of photography.

Do the 200D Canon cameras have 4K?

The Canon EOS 200D camera can do the full HD video and photoshoot, up to 60fps or 4K at the 25fps. You can get the time-lapse function of 4K in the DSLR camera. There is a stereo audio recording function present in the canon camera. It accepts to place the single SD card in it, which is up to the UHS-I speeds. 

Conclusion: The Canon EOS 200D

The Canon EOS 200D is beyond the Canon EOS 100D design and features. Furthermore, the company focused on making the 200D DSLR comfortable for beginners. People who have started photography find it easy to click pictures using it. The 200D DSLR comes with a better grip facility and touch screen display. The overall dimensions of the DSLR were kept low. The superior autofocus is in the 800D and fast burst shooting with a better button layout. It is to satisfy the additional expenses. Still, there is not much in it.

On the other hand, the random pick is of the Nikon D3400. It is for the low noise and an affordable product. It comes with fast ISO speeds. The screen is not much articulated in the Canon EOS 200D. Still, the thing misses out in the Canon DSLR 200D. The video autofocus is not reliable in it. 

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