Canon EOS 1500D Review 2022: Is 1500D An Excellent Fit For Your Purpose?

The Ultimate Guide to Canon EOS 1500D. What distinguishes the EOS 15000 from the competition. Here, How to find True Value for Your Money!

Canon presents a primary camera in its EOS 1500D. It is relatively simple for photo and video beginners who do not expect much more than the function. The 4K video function is an absolute highlight. Still, with 24 frames per second, the video recording can only be used to a limited extent. Due to the 18 megapixels, there are no restrictions on the photo quality.

The EOS 1500D – a new entry-level DSLR in Canon’s popular EOS range. The EOS 1500D is an ideal camera to celebrate their talent, capturing startlingly sharp photos and beautiful full-HD videos in the most natural way possible. With the EOS 1500D, you can capture life as it happens.

Canon EOS 1500D Review

Pros & Cons: What I like and What I Don’t like About the Canon EOS 1500D


  • Affordably priced DSLR camera for beginners
  • Simple to use
  • Image quality is excellent.
  • It has long battery life.
  • It is light but strong, allowing for simple maneuvering.


There is no articulating or touch display, and some Wi-Fi connectivity issues are. Some third-party triggers and flashes are incompatible.

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The Review: The Canon EOS 1500D


The EOS 1500D is identical to the previous generation based on exterior looks. It is of the same size and weight as its predecessor, and as far as button placement goes, it’s precisely the same. One-handed shooting is accessible on the camera, but it still offers a good grip thanks to ample rubber cladding on the camera’s right side. The plastic finish doesn’t feel too premium, and that’s to be expected for a basic DSLR.

The configuration of the buttons is identical to that of the Canon EOS 1300D. The similarities don’t stop there: the screen size, total proportions, and battery capacity are equal.

Canon EOS 1500D Design

The EOS 1500D is quite pleasant to hold single-handedly ergonomically – all the controls are on the right, making it easy to reach practically everything. You’ll feel right at home with this model if you’ve worked with Canon DSLRs before. If you’re going from another brand, getting used to the controls will take some time.

When the Wi-Fi connection is active, a dedicated LED light at the bottom illuminates. The top-mounted mode dial has a robust feel. The sticky material makes switching settings even with filthy fingers simple. A comforting click may also be heard from the power switch. A vertical command dial, located right before the shutter button, allows you to change ISO, exposure, and other settings. Overall, the EOS 1500D feels quite similar to the EOS 1300D, which isn’t always negative. It’s small, light, and simple to take around, with just the correct number of buttons to make it less intimidating for newcomers.


The Canon EOS 1500D is a no-frills camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s without functionality. The key selling point is the 24.1MP APS-C-sized CMOS sensor with an optical low-pass filter, an advance from the Canon EOS 1300D and EOS 3000D’s 18MP sensor. This sensor is comparable to those found in DSLRs designed for expert users, and it aids in collecting more light with the least amount of effort. This sensor may also be located on the EOS 77D, a camera aimed at pros. Apart from that, the DIGIC 4+ processor, which has been around since 2014 and was built primarily for point-and-shoot photography, has remained mostly untouched.

The EOS 1500D has NFC and Wi-Fi to link to your smartphone, like the 1300D. The entire procedure is automated by NFC, making it extremely simple to set up with an Android phone. You’ll have to manually input the camera’s Wi-Fi password on an iPhone. The Canon Camera Connect app, once installed, allows you to examine photographs stored on the camera’s SD card and even use your phone’s display as a viewfinder for remote shooting.


The Canon EOS 1500D comes with an EF S18-55 IS II lens. We’ve found that, at least initially, most consumers who buy these entry-level DSLR cameras are happy with the lens that comes with them. As a result, we tested the camera using the standard lens. For novices or hobbyist photographers, the lens delivered excellent results.

Compared to the earlier EOS 1300D and the newer EOS 3000D, the EOS 1500D has a better sensor. As a result, the overall image quality has dramatically improved. We noted that the images were acceptable crisp and excellent color quality during our testing.

We also found that color saturation was good during our tests and that warmer colors had a small pop. When it comes to entry-level DSLR cameras, this is frequently the case. We have to commend this camera because we obtained outstanding images throughout our daytime tests, even if the sky was overcast during the monsoons. The dynamic range that was preserved, on the other hand, was excellent. The sky’s color was well-balanced about the foreground.

Picture Quality

Landscape photographs benefit from the EOS 1500D’s increased resolution, allowing further cropping if necessary. Although the level of detail is impressive, obtaining a crisp image might be difficult. Even with lots of lovely light and calm hands, we occasionally ended up with soft landscape images, even in the ‘P’ setting. There’s also some chromatic aberration, although it’s not very obvious. Objects in the center of the frame are relatively crisp, while those on the sides are a little fuzzy. As you’d expect from an entry-level DSLR, the focusing speed is adequate. The kit lens has a good depth of focus for close-up images, which is lovely.

Canon 1500D Image Quality


The EOS 1500D utilizes the same LP-E10 battery as the EOS 1300D, which is rated to yield 600 shots per charge on average in this case. We got close to this amount (around 480 photos) when we tested it, but we also regularly used the flash, live view, and video. Wi-Fi enabled devices to harm real battery life.

The camera comes with an 860mAh LP-E10 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. We found this to be very accurate, although video and flash modes would drastically diminish this. On average, we were able to get roughly 400 photos.


The Common Issue: The camera does not detect the memory card.

  1. Make sure the memory card is correctly placed into your camera.
  2. (let’s try) Turn the camera off and then turn it back on to see if it gets the card back to normal fix the problem.
  3. If the problem persists after completing steps 1 and 2, remove the memory card and re-insert it in the appropriate slot, then repeat step 2.
  4. If this does not cure your problem, you may need to contact the card’s manufacturer to see if there is a problem with the card. Whether you have additional memory cards, you could want to test them in this product to see if the problem is with the one you’re using.

FAQs: People Often Ask About the Canon EOS 1500D

How do you adjust for too dark (underexposed) photographs or too bright (overexposed)?

Suppose a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera or Interchangeable-Lens Compact System Camera’s Shooting mode is adjusted to anything different than what is visible. In that case, the camera will automatically establish the proper exposure setting. Changing the exposure setting manually, based on the shooting conditions or the subject, is a superior method for obtaining photographs closer to your aims.

Exposure compensation is the term for this. You may change the exposure manually by raising or lowering the exposure value that your camera calculates automatically.

How can I save the photographs that I’ve developed and modified using the Digital Photo Professional version that I’m now using for RAW image development?

The RAW image processing technology of Digital Photo Professional continues to be modified and upgraded to execute the most up-to-date picture processing with increased adequacy.

As a result, the identical RAW photographs may produce somewhat different outcomes when developed depending on the version number. The editing effects of RAW images containing recipe data that has undergone considerable modification may also change.

If you wish to save photographs that have been developed and modified with the current version, you should convert them to the JPEG or TIFF format first.

What are the battery pack charging precautions?

Please charge the battery the day before or when you plan to use it. A charged battery will gradually deplete and lose power even while not in use or storage.

Before charging the battery, polish the battery’s terminals with a tissue or a dry cloth. If the airports are unclean, such as if they have oil from your skin, poor contact may occur, and the battery pack may not charge entirely. 

Conclusion: The Canon EOS 1500D Review

Compared to other DSLR cameras in this category, the Canon EOS 1500D DSLR is quite expensive. On the other hand, the camera has a higher resolution and is well-built and light, making it easy to handle. As a result, if you’re searching for a small DSLR camera, it’s a good investment.

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    1. Hi, Kishore. Thank you for your query.

      Yes, you can. Since The Canon EOS 1300D is an entry-level DSLR camera, you might not get those high-quality pictures, that we generally wish in weddings. However, this camera is suitable for landscape and portrait photography. If you asked me or your budget was under 35k, I would have recommended the same model. Cheers!

    1. Of course, available hain, Please refer to websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Let’s say aapko koi basic lens ki requirement hai, jaise ki Canon EF50MM F/1.8 STM Lens, ye aapko Flipkart and Amazon pe mil jaayega.

  1. I’m buying Second hand 1500d
    4 yrs used
    Shutter count 25k
    Good condition
    Camera view finder seems to look blur at any mode ?

    Plz suggest me, I should buy or not

    1. Hi, Manya!

      Canon EOS 1500D shutter-rated lifespan is 100000 actuation. It’s almost 1/4 as far as the camera’s lifespan is concerned. Since the price is 19K, almost half its actual price, it seems a good deal. Moreover, you said that the camera’s viewfinder seems a bit blurred. It can be due to dust particles on the viewfinder. If so, you can easily clean the screen. Here is a video guide,

      If not, then I don’t recommend you buy the camera. I hope it helps. Thanks.

  2. i want to sell my canon 1500d just 7 months back i buyed this for 38k and not used much , just 300- 400 pics only captured where can i sell camera easily. and how much price in 2nd hand market i am expecting 28k -30k .

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