Best DSLR Camera Under 30000 Rupees In India 2023: Top 5 DSLR Cameras With Buying Guide 

Image Name Rating Price Price
Canon-EOS-1500D Canon EOS 1500D (4.9/5)

25k-30k Check Price
Kodak-AZ421-RD-PIXPRO Kodak AZ421-RD (4.9/5)

28k-30k Check Price
Sony-Cyber-shot-W800 Sony W800/SII (4.9/5)

28k-30k Check Price
Kodak-PIXPRO-Astro-Zoom-AZ401-BK-min Kodak PIXPRO AZ401-BK (4.8/5)

27k-30k Check Price
Sony-Cyber-Shot-DSC-H300B Sony DSC-H300/BC (4.8/5)

26k-30k Check Price

I assure you that all the DSLR cameras under 30000 rupees mentioned in this article offer tons of useful features, excellent performance for different purposes, and excellent handling.

There is no need to spend lakhs to get a good DSLR camera as I have five such DSLRs that promise all the high-end camera features and capture amazing high-quality pictures at a very affordable price —under 30,000 rupees. Yes, you heard it right.

But is it possible? Yes, it is.

As you know, Camera manufacturers have to come up with new models with better and more advanced features each year compared to the older models. Moreover, they don’t discontinue them for years. Even though these cameras may be a year or two older, they let you capture high-quality pictures at a very affordable price.

So, without further ado, let me disclose those five extraordinary DSLR cameras under 30,000 rupees.

Overall Best

Kodak AZ421-RD


  • Resolution: 16.1MP
  • Form Factor: DSLR
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Display size: ‎3 Inches

The Kodak AZ421-RD PIXPRO Digital Camera is one of the most popular DSLRs under 300000 in India. It has a powerful 42X Optical Zoom lens that lets you capture the perfect shots from far away. The camera comes with an advanced CCD Sensor which produces great images and videos even in low-light conditions. This makes it perfect for capturing stunning photos of nature, wildlife, and other outdoor scenes. This camera can record Full HD (1080p) videos at 30fps. It has an external microphone jack which allows you to connect an external mic and record audio with your video recordings.

The Kodak AZ421 also features a 3-inch LCD screen, making it easy to get the perfect shot from any angle. In addition, it comes with an array of shooting options, including auto, aperture priority, and full manual mode, as well as a range of creative effects for making stunning images.
The camera supports JPEG, and RAW format recording, so you can store the highest quality photos on your computer or external drive. It also has various creative shooting modes like panorama, HDR, and a range of scene modes to help you get the perfect shot.

Moreover, the camera is compatible with SDXC/SDHC cards for additional storage and features an HDMI port for connecting it to HDTVs and other compatible devices. There are also a variety of accessories available for this camera, including a tripod and external flash mount. The Kodak AZ421-RD PIXPRO is one of the best Digital Cameras that offers great performance, usability, and value for money.


  • Versatile 16 MP camera with 42x optical zoom
  • Captures stunning images and videos at 720p HD resolution
  • Features a compact, lightweight design that’s perfect for travel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to share your photos instantly
  • Compatible with a variety of interchangeable lenses
  • Includes powerful editing tools like red-eye reduction and cropping


  • Limited internal memory – requires an SD card for additional storage
  • Not waterproof or dustproof
  • Limited manual settings for experienced photographers
  • No built-in GPS or geo-tagging features
Best DSLR Camera Under 35000
Runner Up!

Canon EOS 3000D


  • Resolution: 18MP
  • Form Factor: ‎Hand-held
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Display size: ‎2.7 Inches

The Canon EOS 3000D is the perfect choice for amateur photographers and those looking to capture special moments. This camera makes it easy to take great photos with its large 18-megapixel CMOS image sensor that captures sharp images with vibrant color and stunning detail. It also has a reliable 9-point autofocus system, making it easier to get crisp photos of moving subjects. The included Canon EF-S 18–55 mm IS II lens provides versatile coverage from wide-angle to portrait shots.

The 3000D features Full HD video recording 1080p at 30 fps for capturing beautiful moments in high definition. You can even shoot pictures while recording video, making this camera perfect for those times when you want to capture both the action and photos. The 3-inch LCD monitor makes it easy to preview and playback your recordings and images, while the optical viewfinder allows you to accurately frame your subject without relying on the monitor.

write about iso range and Wi-Fi connectivity

The 3000D offers a great ISO range of 100-6400, allowing you to shoot in low light and capture stunning images without a flash. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, so you can easily share your photos directly from the camera to compatible devices or on social media. You can also use Canon’s Camera Connect app to control the camera from your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re just starting photography or looking for a reliable digital SLR to take with you on vacation, the Canon EOS 3000D is a great choice. With its versatile lens, large image sensor, and full HD video capabilities, this camera will help you take amazing photos and videos that will last a lifetime.


  • 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor for high-resolution images with low noise
  • DIGIC 4+ image processor for fast performance and full HD video recording
  • 9 Point AF System with a single center cross-type AF point
  • ISO 100 to 6400 sensitivity range to shoot in low light conditions
  • Scene Intelligent Auto mode intelligently selects the best settings based on shooting conditions
  • Creative filters, including grainy B/W, soft focus, and toy camera effect, to add style and flair to photos
  • 3 inches LCD screen with 920k dots resolution and 95% coverage angle


  • Fixed LCD and lack of articulating screen
  • No 4K video recording
  • Limited buffer capacity for continuous shooting
  • Lack of weather sealing on the body.
Sony Cyber-shot W800
Smooth Photography

Sony W800/SII


  • Resolution: 20.1MP
  • Form Factor: Compact
  • Optical Zoom: 5x
  • Display size: ‎3 Inches

The Sony W800/S 20.1 MP Digital Camera is perfect for capturing stunning photographs and videos. Boasting a 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor and 5x optical zoom lens, this point-and-shoot camera gives you excellent images with crisp details that you can easily share with friends and family. With its Intelligent Auto mode, the camera automatically detects shooting conditions and adjusts settings to give amazing results without fuss.

Face Detection technology also helps ensure that your portraits look their best by focusing on faces in the image. Additionally, you can record HD 720p video to capture those special moments in life or even create time-lapse movies of your favorite subjects. Plus, you can get creative with your photography with various features like Panorama Shooting Mode, Pet Detection, and Smile Shutter.

In addition, this camera comes with several accessories to help you get the most out of your photos. The AC-UB20 USB cable lets you directly connect your camera to compatible PCs or printers for easy image transfer and printing. It also includes a rechargeable battery and a wrist strap to carry your camera wherever you go conveniently. With all these features, the Sony W800/S 20.1 MP Digital Camera is an outstanding choice for any photographer looking for exceptional performance at an affordable price.


  • Compact and lightweight body design
  • 20.1 megapixel Super HAD CCD sensor with 5x optical zoom lens
  • 2.7″ LCD screen for easy viewing of photos and videos
  • SteadyShot image stabilization to reduce blur from camera shake
  • 720p HD video recording capabilities for capturing special moments in high quality
  • Face Detection technology to recognize up to eight individual faces in a frame, adjusting settings automatically
  • Smile Shutter mode takes pictures when your subject smiles, making it easier to capture perfect moment shots


  • Average low-light performance
  • No RAW format support
  • No viewfinder for framing shots
  • Lacks manual exposure control options
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing images wirelessly or remotely controlling the camera from a smartphone or tablet.
Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK
Wildlife Photography



  • Resolution: 16MP
  • Form Factor: Point & Shoot
  • Optical Zoom: 40x
  • Display size: ‎3 Inches

This camera offers a wide range of features that make it perfect for capturing stunning photos and videos. With its powerful 16-megapixel CCD image sensor, the device captures sharp, detailed images with rich color and clarity. It also has a 4x optical zoom lens with a wide 24mm angle view, enabling you to get close-up shots of far-away subjects without compromising quality.

Additionally, there are 11 scene modes and manual adjustments for exposure, white balance, and ISO for greater control over your photos. The built-in flash allows you to take pictures in even low-light conditions, while the Face Detection feature helps ensure your subjects are always focused. Taking videos is also easy with the Kodak PIXPRO AZ401; it records HD 720p video at 30 frames per second for smooth, lifelike footage.

Other features of the device include HDTV compatibility via HDMI output, built-in image stabilization to reduce blur caused by camera movement, and a Li-Ion rechargeable battery for extended shooting time. It has a 3″ LCD screen which makes viewing your images and videos easily, and the camera also has an SD memory card slot for additional storage space. With all these features and more, the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK Digital Camera is a great choice for photographers of any skill level.


  • 16-megapixel CCD sensor for clear and vibrant photos
  • 4x optical zoom with a 24mm wide-angle lens
  • 3.0″ LCD screen for easy viewing
  • HD video capture at 720p/30fps
  • Inbuilt image stabilization minimize camera shake and blur
  • Comprehensive range of shooting modes to choose from
  • Face Detection technology to focus on subjects accurately
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery for long-lasting performa


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Limited ISO range of up to 1600
  • Smaller sensor size than most modern cameras
  • Low light performance is not great
  • Focusing speed could be improved
  • Lack of manual shooting modes for more experienced photographers
  • Low internal memory capacity with no support for external storage media
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300/BC
Wildlife photography

Sony DSC-H300/BC


  • Resolution: 24.1MP
  • Form Factor: Mirrorless
  • Optical Zoom: 35x
  • Display size: ‎3 Inches

The Sony DSC-H300/BC E32 is a great choice for anyone looking to capture stunning photos and videos. This camera features an impressive 20.1-megapixel resolution, allowing you to take detailed pictures with minimal noise or blurriness. You can also easily shoot HD video in 720p resolution at the touch of a button. With its 35x optical zoom capability, you can get close enough to your subject without moving closer yourself, making it ideal for capturing wildlife or scenic shots from a distance.

Additionally, the built-in SteadyShot image stabilization technology helps reduce camera shake and blurry images due to unsteady hands. Furthermore, this camera includes several advanced shooting modes such as Auto, Program, and Scene Selection, allowing you to tailor your photos and videos for different situations. With its simple and intuitive menus, the Sony DSC-H300/BC E32 makes it easy to take great pictures and videos quickly and easily.

This camera is also compatible with various accessories such as flash units, tripods, lenses, filters, etc. This ensures you have the tools to enhance your images in different lighting conditions and achieve the desired creative effects. Additionally, this camera supports a variety of memory cards for storing your images and videos, including Memory Stick PRO Duo, SD/SDHC/SDXC Cards, and Eye-Fi cards. Overall, this Digital Camera is an excellent choice for any photographer looking for a quality point-and-shoot camera with advanced features.


  • 20.1 Megapixel Super HAD CCD image sensor
  • 35x optical zoom lens covering focal lengths from 24mm wide-angle to 840 mm telephoto
  • SteadyShot image stabilization minimizes blur caused by camera shake
  • 3.0″ LCD screen for intuitive framing and playback of your shots
  • HD movie mode captures 720p video clips with sound
  • Intelligent Auto Mode recognizes 33 common shooting situations and applies the best settings automatically


  • Limited manual exposure control options
  • No hot shoe accessory port or built-in flash
  • Low battery capacity, requiring frequent recharging with intensive use
  • Slow AF focus system may struggle in low light conditions
  • Average build quality and materials used in the construction of the camera body
  • No wireless connectivity options are available for sharing photos and videos on social media networks.

Which 30k DSLR camera will suit me?

 The purpose and overall budget are essential in deciding which camera is best suited for you.

Purpose defines the reason behind buying the camera, whether you are interested in landscape photography, portrait photography or wildlife. 

Depending on the purpose, deciding which camera is the most suitable for you is easy. Therefore, go through these five reviews and know your purpose. 

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Buying guide: How to buy the best DSLR camera for under 30,000?


Considering Censors is the first thing to look for when you are thinking of purchasing a dslr. Most DSLRs within this range have crop sensors, also known as APS-C CMOS. 

Censors are the chip used to capture the light required for a photograph. The amount of light captured by the censors decides the quality of the image you see in the viewfinder of your DSLR. 

When buying a DSLR under this range, you should look for cameras with censors’ size 23.5 x 15.6mm. The most significant advantage of these censors is that the censors are lighter in weight compared to the rest of the accessories of the camera. And secondly, these sensors are ideal for wildlife photography because they have a pre-determined crop.  

Mega Pixels

The megapixel is the second most important feature when buying a DSLR. When a photograph is created, it’s constructed of millions and millions of tiny dots. These dots combine to form an image. These dots are known as pixels. If you are looking for a DSLR within this range, you should know that they have good megapixels. The more megapixels, the more large and precise the image will be. The resolution of any photograph largely depends on this. 

Image processing engine

Who likes shooting with a camera where you need to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes for any image to be processed? 

Therefore, it’s natural that when you invest so much in a camera, you would want the camera to function flawlessly; this is where a camera’s processor or image processing unit comes into the picture. 

Suppose you choose a camera with a superb image processor. The camera won’t lag while shooting images. 

So, if you want to save time and click exceptional images, don’t forget to buy a camera with just the right processing engine. Another thing to consider while weighing the image processing engines is that it should be accounted for with the autofocus points of a camera.

Both the processor and the AF define how fast you can click snaps.


Merely clicking perfect photographs is not all. You must also transfer these photos from the camera to the other devices. The most significant advantage of cameras under this range is that you don’t need to carry external devices. 

These DSLRs can be easily paired with WIFI and Bluetooth, and the photographs can be shared without having to plug in pen drives or hard disks. You can also store the images directly on the cloud and access them anywhere. 

Battery Backup

Battery backup is another factor that must be considered when choosing a DSLR. It’s evident that nine out of ten people travel with cameras, and it isn’t easy to find charging points, especially when travelling. 

Therefore, it’s essential to check the battery backup of the camera. Usually, cameras under 30k can shoot almost 10k~20k clicks at a go once it is fully charged. 

Lenses and accessories

The reason is that both lenses and accessories are expensive. You would be surprised to know that some lenses are even more costly than the cameras. And, some accessories are a must-have for any photographer. 

Consider including lenses and accessories when buying a DSLR. Make a list of accessories you might need, like the bag in which you can carry your camera. And, do not spend on too many lenses. It’s best if you choose a camera that comes with lenses. 

Other than these buying factors, you need to analyze your need and chalk out a budget that would include everything from the lenses to the immediate accessories needed with the camera. 

FAQs: What do most people ask about budget DSLRs?

What DSLR camera offers the best handling under 30k?

The Nikon DSLR D3500 offers better handling compared to the competition. Considering the price, you won’t be disappointed.

Which dslr brand is the best for photography under 30,000 rupees? 

Many brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Etc, make amazing DSLR cameras for photography. However, when buying under 30k, I’d suggest the Nikon D3500.

Can I expect a professional camera under 30k? 

The answer is no. Under 30k, you can expect entry-level cameras suitable for beginners, but not professional DSLR cameras.

I am a beginner. Which Brand makes a good DSLR camera for beginners?

You can go for Nikon; it makes incredible cameras for beginners at affordable prices.

Conclusion: Which DSLR is the best under 30,000 rupees?

If you think of buying a DSLR under 30000 rupees, you must go through the buying guide. If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to pick the right camera. 

Please don’t hesitate to drop your query in the comment section below if you have any doubts about these 30k DSLRs. I’d love to answer. 

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