The Story: A bit to know about Us

Ravi and Raghven are the men behind this beautiful website and the founders of DSLRreview. Both are great personalities with well-known profiles in the photography industry. Out of interest, raghven created a youtube channel in 2018 about fitness which he failed. So now, he advises people that don’t go after things unless interested.

As for Ravi, He’s been into photography since childhood. He used to shoot videos with a VGA camera, popular in the late twenties. Giving you a glimpse of his passion for digital cameras, he’s been into writing for the last four years. Besides photography, he loves reviewing tech products and learning about new technologies. He graduated with a degree in science at the University of Jiwaji.

As for Raghveen, he is more like a landscape photographer. He wakes up early in the morning to capture nature with marvelous morning light. He believes people who wake up early have special qualities and super powers. He has a great sense of humor that helps him in his photography. He is a kind guy with a big heart. He shared the same college and studied science with Ravi at the same university.

After kicking off our freelance careers, we finally settled and launched the website—dslrreview.in—on the 1st of Jan 2022 to share the secrets of DSLR cameras and photography.

About the Site: dslrreview.in

DSLRreview.in aims to provide its visitors with the coverage of DSLR cameras; it includes expert reviews, news, articles, and verdicts. Making the DSLRReview different from the other websites, it focuses on personally written posts instead of automated.

Besides, DSLRReview.in promises that it would never bombard you with those irritating ads and links. It ensures the readers get a clean and simple reading experience regardless of making money.

However, you can help and support the website by telling your friends, colleagues, and of course, your family about it.

Thanks, and see you all online!

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